Naruni 'Bardiche' Fast Attack Tank

The next step in Naruni's evolution of tanks is the Bardiche. Using a new Contra Gravity system, the Bardiche is able to actually fly above the ground rather than simply float above it.The system allows faster speeds and more efficient power comsumption than the either the Carnivore or Juggernaut hovertanks. Another innovation in the Bardiche is the Quick Charge Force Field generator which lets the pilot restore power to the builtin force field by sapping power from the main Particle Beam Cannon. The computer limits the use of this option,however, so that the tank is not left without any offensive capability. Draining power from the main gun is possible only twice per hour. 10 MDC is restored to the field per shot drained. The maximum number of shots allowed to be drained is 20 per hour, for a total of 200 MDC. The Particle Beam cannon on the Bardiche is a lighter version of the one mounted on the Juggernaut. Model Type: J-20B Class: Light Assault/ Fast Attack Vehicle Crew: 2; 1 pilot and 1 gunner. Can carry 1 passenger but will be uncomfortable. M.D.C. by location Main Body: 550 Turret: 370 Particle Beam Cannon: 200 HI Laser Guns: 120 *Micro Missile Launchers(2): 100 each Medium Range Missile Launcher Pods(2): 350 each Force Field: 250 Speed: Top Speed of 350mph to an altitude of 2500 feet.Top Speed in space is Mach 3 (about 2250mph)Can travel over any surface and in space with no penalties. Height: 8 feet Length: 15 feet 4 inches Width: 6.5 feet in front and 11.5 feet in rear. Weight: 8 tons Cargo: Minimal; enough for 2 rifles and 2 pistols Cost: 50 million credits. Rarely available on Rifts Earth due to poor sales of other Naruni items. Common on Phase World and among the forces of the Free World Council.


1. Heavy Particle Beam Cannon Located in turret Mega-Damage: 3D6X10+20 per shot Rate of Fire: Equal to combined Hand-tohand attacks of the gunner Range: 2 miles Payload: 30 shots. Recharge 1 shot every 2 minutes. 2. HI Laser guns For use by the pilot. Located in the front of the vehicle. Mega-Damage: 2D4X10 per double blast Rate of Fire: Double shots only. Range:4000 feet Payload: Effectively Unlimited 3. Micro Missile Launchers Located in concealed launchers next to the pilots compartment. Mega-Damage: 6D6 each Rate of Fire: Volleys of 2,4,6 or 8 missiles. Range: 2 miles for 'Smart' micromissiles. 1 mile for the 'Dumb' ones. Payload: 24 per launcher; 48 total 4. Medium Range Missile Launcher Pods Located at the rear of the vehicle on stubby wing shaped pylons. Mega-Damage: Varies with missile type Rate of Fire: Volls of 2,4 or 8 missiles. Range: 40 to 80 miles Payload: 20 total Sensors and other features Equipped with the standard robot and power armor sensor and communication systems. Also: The Quick Charge Force Field. Normal recharge time is 24 hours for complete recovery of all MDC. However, with the Quick Charge, power can be taken from the Particle Beam Cannon and rerouted to the Force Field. Rate of recovery is 10 MDC per shot(200 MDC per hour aximum). No more than 20 shots can be drained from the cannon per hour to insure that the Bardiche is not left without its Main gun.