Naruni 'Lockjaw' Assault PA

Model type: NE-170L
Class: Heavy Assault Power Armor
Crew: One
M.D.C. by Location:
Main Body--450 Left Arm Micromissile Launcher--70
Legs(2)--275 each Left Arm Vibroblades--125
Upper Arms(2)--80 each Forearm(2)--150 each
Weapon Arms(2)--110 each *Head/Main Sensors--120
**Auxiliary Sensor Arrays(4)--60 each Micromissile Pods/Chest(2)--130 each NE-3000 Rifle--150
Force Field(optional)--300

* Depleting the MDC of the head will have no ill effect on the armor
as long as the Auxiliary sensor arrays are still functional.
Called shot at -3 for head.
** Depleting the MDC of the Auxiliary senosor arrays AND the head will
destroy all pilot sensors, negating all Power Armor combat bonuses.
Called shot at -5 for senosr arrays.
Speed: Run:100mph   Space:Can use microthrusters to move up to 150mph 
       in space.   Underwater:30mph   Leap:15 feet up or 20 feet across 
       from dead stop.
       Double with short run. Triple with Run and Jet boost 
       Note:Lockjaw cannot fly
Height: 16 feet 4 inches
Width: 9 feet 2inches
Length:5 feet 10 inches
Weight:2.3 tons
P.S. equivalent: 35
Power System:10 year nuclear
Cost: 17 million credits fully loaded   20million with Force Field option
Weapon Systems:
1. Weapon Arms-Tribarrel HI lasers   Mega-Damage:6D6+6 from each arm 
   unit (2D6+2 per barrel)  2D4X10+4 if both are fired simultaneously at 
   the same target.
2.Forearm Energized Blades(left arm)   Mega-Damage:1D6X10 for Claw Strike
3.Forearm Micromissile Launchers(left arm)  Mega-Damage:6D6 per missile 
   Range:1 mile for 'dumb' micromissiles 2 miles for 'Smart' micromissiles  
   Payload:8 total  Rate of Fire: 2 or 4 micromissiles at a time.
4.Chest Mounted Minimissile Launcher pods   Mega-Damage:Varies with
   missile type. Typically 1D4X10 for Armor Piercing or 1D6X10 for
   Plasma/Napalm.  Range:1 mile   Payload: 10 per launcher; 20 total  
   Rate of Fire:1,2,4,6 or 10 missiles at a time.
5.NE-3000 Multi-Purpose Assault Rifle  
   The NE-3000 is an advanced, multiple capabilty rifle for use with
   Power Armor and Cyborgs. It combines a standard Naruni plasma cartridge
   rifle,a small Gravity railgun, and a prototype Force Field disruption
   beam into a relatively small package. Note that the Force field 
   disruption beam has a 25% chance of malfunction per use. A malfunction 
   means the rifle won't fire the beam for 2D6 minutes.The other weapons
   can still be used,however.
   Mega-Damage: 1D4X10 per shot with Plasma catridges or 2D4X10+20 for
   heavy bore cartridges. 1D4x10+20 for  the Gravity Railgun. Damage for
   the Force field beam is none but punches a hole 3D6 feet in diameter
   in the force field that lasts for 2D6 melees.
   Range:Plasma cartridges:4000 feet for regular or 6000 feet
   for heavy bore catridges. Gravity railgun:2000 feet  Force field 
   beam:1 mile(5280 feet)
   Payload:Plasma catridges:50 regular or 20 heavy bore rounds.  
   Gravity Railgun: 60 rounds  Force field beam:10 shots per E-clip.
Hand to Hand combat: Rather than use a weapon, the pilot can engage 
  in Mega Damage hand to hand combat. See Basic and Elite Power Armor
 Combat training in the Robot combat section of the Rifts RPG page 45.
Sensor systems: The Lockjaw is equipped with all the standard robot
 sensors found in the Rifts RPG book.
 Optional systems include the Gravity Wave Radar with enhanced
 Thermographic sight (same as Enforcer PA,PhaseWorld Sourcebook,page
 69),Radar Jamming 'Spoofer' identical to the one installed in the A-1 
Avenger PA(PhaseWorld Sourcebook page 72) and Camouflage system (also
 same as Avenger)