Naruni 'Star Trident' Strike Ship

     Larger than a cruiser, smaller than a battleship, the Naruni Star 
Trident fills the role of a heavily armed troop transport and fast 
attack ship. Due to a lot of innovations in Naruni technology the
Star Trident is one of the fastest production starships in the Three 
     One of the greatest improvements over other starships in the Star 
Trident is the creation of the Maelstrom series of sub-light engines. 
Its workings and method of manufacture is a closely guarded secret 
but it seems to involve some type of CG drive to travel in normal space. 
Its speed is not  measured by multiples of the speed of sound,rather 
it is equated to astronomical units.One Astronomical Unit is equal 
to approximately 90 million miles (Note: On Earth, one AU equals
around 93 million miles, the distance from the sun to Earth). 
This gives the newer drive a much greater sub light range and makes routine 
travel within a solar system much quicker. (Note: An average starship 
with a flying speed of Mach 8 will take 7500 hours(312.5 days) to travel the 
same distance that the Star Trident can travel in one hour (4,500,000 
     The Star Trident's sublight drive has also made it popular with the 
Utopias,the pleasure worlds, and interplanetary cruise agencies. On many 
of  the Utopias, Akodoquil and Ne'ciax particularly, the Star Trident 
has become a status symbol for many of the more extravagant citizens. 
They see the Luxury version of the Star Trident as the ship for 
travel, spurning nearly all other designs.
     The combat Star Trident is no less popular. Used by many of the 
wealthier independant 'Asteroid Eater'operators, the Free World council
 and even some of the Zaibatsu within the Bushi Federation (despite 
 Federation edicts) the Star Trident has proven to be the most successful
starship in Naruni's history to date.
     Another of its design features is the Bridge Escape Ship. A mainstay 
of Naruni starship design, the BES is actually a self contained starship 
of its own. It has its own power source,force fields, weapons and CG drive.
Its made to allow the bridge crew to escape a crippled ship and to help 
protect the other standard type escape pods.
Note: The Luxury versions have only a few weapon systems mounted on them,
 along with the BES weapons.

Model Type: NST-800C (Combat version) and  NST-800L(Luxury Cruise liner)
Class: Quick Strike Ship / Luxury Cruise Liner
Crew:(combat) 486 plus 200 combat support personnel
     (luxury) 575 total
Troop Capacity: (combat) 3000 combat ready troops in body armor or power
               (luxury) Can carry up to 2500 people in absolute comfort

MDC by Location:

Outboard Weapons/Hangar Sections: 40,000  Forward 1/3 of Main Body: 25,000
Rear 2/3 of Main Body: 60,000     
Engine Nacelles (Main Body and Hangar sections) 8 total: 8000 each
Connecting Wing/Observation decks : 10,000 each  Main Cannons(2): 5000 each 
Point Defense HI Laser turrets (16): 500 each     
Cruise Missile Launchers (5): 6000 each
Rear Wing Long Range Missile Pods(2): 1500 each    
Variable Force Field: 5000 per side
Bridge Defense P-Beam canons(2): 900 each     
Mini Missile Turrets(16) 500 each
Bridge Escape Ship: 2000     
Bridge Variable Force Field: 500 per side

Flying in Space: Main Ship: .5 AU per hour (approx. 4.5 million 
                   miles per hour)
                 Bridge Ship: Mach 5 in space.Mach 2 in atmosphere
                   (not designed for flight in atmosphere)
FTL drive:ContraGrav: 8 light years per hour (Main ship)
                    : 4 light years per hour ( Bridge ship)

Range: Limited only by supplies. Carries enough on combat vessels to 
feed the crew and troops for 1 year.On luxury ships, usually enough for 
a six month cruise but could carry enough for 3 years if necessary.

Statistical Data:

     Height: Main Ship: 548 feet in front, 862 feet in rear
                        (on hangar sections)
             Bridge Ship: 65 feet
     Width:Main ship: 650 feet
           Bridge Ship: 32.5 feet
     Length: Main Ship: 1963 feet
             Bridge Ship: 238 feet
     Weight: 3.8 million tons fully loaded

     Cargo: Can carry up to 30,000 tons of cargo

     Power System: Anti matter with a 100 year life. 
                   50 year Nuclear on Bridge ship.

Market Cost:  75 billion credits for a fully loaded combat version
             (The sublight drive has added to the cost considerably.)
              55 billion credits for a fully equipped Luxury Cruise Liner.

Weapon Systems:

1. Main Particle Beam Cannons (2):  Located in the outboard 
sections of the ship, the Particle Beam cannons are capable of firing 
at a 60 degree angle left or right from dead ahead and 20 degrees up or down. 
They can fire on separate targets or combine their firepower on one target.
  Primary Purpose: Anti-ship
  Secondary Purpose: Planetary bombardment
  Mega-Damage: 1D6X1,000 for a single blast, or 2D6X1,000 for a double blast.
  Against planets, cities, or space stations, the cannons will do the listed
damage at the point of impact (75 foot radius) and 2D4X10 M.D.
of heat 
and radiation damage to a 75 foot area around it.
  Effective Range: 75 miles in space, 30 miles in an atmosphere.
  Rate of Fire: Each cannon can fire once per melee.
  Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

2. Bridge Defense Particle Beam Cannon Turrets(2)*: Smaller versions of the main cannons mounted on the
    Bridge Escape Ship, these cannons are able to traverse 180 degrees to the rear and 90 degrees up and 20 
    degrees down from level.
  Primary Purpose: Anti-ship
  Secondary Purpose: Defense
  Mega-Damage: 2D6X100 per single blast or 4D6X100 for a double blast.
  Effective Range: 50 miles in space or 20 miles in an atmosphere.
  Rate of Fire: Each cannon can fire three times per melee, for a total of six blasts.
  Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

3. Point Defense HI Laser Turrets(16): The HI laser turrets are scattered around the ship and used to defend
     the ship at close range from fighters and other close combatants. Each turret can be controlled by a gunner
     or can be set to use a gunnery program (+5 to strike 4 attacks per melee).
  Primary Purpose: Anti-Fighter and Defense
  Secondary Purpose: Anti-Ship
  Mega-Damage: 2D6X10 per blast.
  Effective Range: 4miles in space; 1 mile in atmosphere.
  Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

4. Cruise Missile Launchers(5): 2 of these launchers are located at the tips of the 'masts' near the rear of the
    outboard sections , while the other three are located in the main midsection of the ship. These launchers are
    capable of firing up to 60 missiles in a single melee. 
  Primary Purpose: Anti-ship
  Secondary Purpose: Bombardment
  Mega-Damage: Varies with missile type ( 2D6X100 to 4D6X100 M.D.)
  Rate of Fire: One at a time or volleys of  2, 3 or 4 missiles per launcher.
  Effective Range: Over 1,000 miles. Optimum launching range is 1 to 3 miles.
  Payload: 12 missiles per launcher. Additional missiles are automatically reloaded from a magazine ( takes 2 
  melees). Full combat missile complement is 600 missiles.
5. Long Range Missile pods(2)*: Located in the middle of the rear wing sections, these missiles are used mainly
    against fighters and robots.
  Primary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft
  Secondary Purpose: Defense
  Mega-Damage: Varies with missile type.
  Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of 2, 4 or 6 missiles.
  Effective Range: Varies with missile type.
  Payload: 18 missiles per launcher.

6. Mini-Missile Turrets  (16)*: Scattered throughout the Star Trident are mini-missile turrets used to destroy
    fighters and as defense against missiles. Each turret fires a volley of no less than six mini-missiles to ensure
    the destruction of a target.
  Primary Purpose: Anti-Aircraft/ Anti-missile
  Secondary Purpose: Defense
  Mega Damage: Varies with missile type but usually Naruni K-Hex High Explosive (1D6X10 M.D.)
  Rate of Fire: Volleys of 6 or 12 mini-missiles
  Effective Range: 4 miles in space with 'Smart' mini-missile, 2 miles in atmosphere(2miles in space with 'dumb'
  missiles; 1 mile in atmosphere)
  Payload:36 mini-missiles per turret (576 total). Reloading from cargo hold takes 1D4 minutes. Standard combat
  missile complement is 1,152, enough for each turret to be reloaded once.

7.Combat spacecraft and other vehicles: In addition to on board weaponry, the Star Trident is usually equipped
    with 300 Fire-Eater fighters, 50 Ovoid Combat Robots, 200 Enforcer Power Armor suits, and 50 Broad Sword 
    Fighters as well as various other Naruni Enterprises weapons and equipment.  Note: On the luxury version
    of the Star Trident none of the listed Fighters or robots are included.

Note: An asterisk denotes a weapon that is included on the Luxury version of the Star Trident.